Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One Card 3 versions

Yesterday I made these cards from a card design I saw in Stamptington & Company's magazine Take Ten or Stamper's Sampler. I can't seem to find the card I took the design from which is a bit of a bummer, because I really like the way my cards turned out and I'd like to give my source credit. I also stamped the animal inside the card.

One of the twelve cards is already in an envelope ready to give my neighbor. During Eid they brought over some mutton for us. It was a mixed bag of ribs and backbone. I ended up cooking them like my mom does spareribs: boil for an hour, smother them in Mrs. Chans (an old neighbor of ours) sweet and sour sauce, then bake for another hour. They were quite yummy and interestingly enough, after all the cooking and baking, they had lost most of their sheep flavor.

Have a wonderful day!


Note: I found the card design! - Take Ten, summer 2015, pg. 19: Relax and Chair Up - Beverly Sizemore

Patterned paper - Colorbok: Hootenanny
Ink - Tsukineko: Memento
Cardstock - White and Cream: ROCO; Brown: Fabriano: Cartacrea
Rhinstones - unknown
Stamps - Owl, Cat, Butterfly: Inkadinkado

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thinking of you card

Thinking of You
Stamps - 
Thinking of you - Studio G
Background - H Clear Stamps
Striped pumpkin - Recollections
Large and small pumpkins, cat, leaf border - Graphic 45, Hampton Art
Paper - 
scraps, colored copy paper, Ikea craft paper for wrapping glass items upon exiting
Washi tape - 
Somi Tape
Ink -
I'm going to send these cards out with the books. Hopefully they will make it to the states and their destinations before Halloween... we'll see, they might get there before Halloween, but I won't hold my breath.

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Travel Album

Cover 1
Cover 2
I haven't posted for a long time because we went on our trip home to Hawaii and to California.  Then jet lag hit us all hard. It seems jet lag flying against the sun is much worse than flying with it. For several nights we were up most of the night, we were slightly dysfunctional. When I figured out which way was up, I started working on our trip pictures and memorabilia. I didn't have many pictures because my camera decided not to charge when we got to Hawaii... and is still not charging. Omega had his camera (thanks mom and dad!) and he took a few pictures. I could have used his camera, but I forgot about it. So, I asked family for pictures. They all had a few, but not many... I guess we all were having too much fun or working too hard to take pictures. I used cardboard covered in scrapbooking paper for the covers, made a suitcase in photoshop and stuck one of the maps to it, put a title on in photoshop, printed it out, stuck on washi tape and glued the suitcase to the cover. The cardboard from the cereal boxes fit in my Combi Binder (which I brought back from Hawaii, I've been missing it, but I didn't want to buy one here when I had a perfectly good one there), but the cardboard from the boxes of sheet protectors was too thick. I ended up using a template to cut the holes for binding out of the thicker cardboard, easy, but time consuming. I like the way the covers came out.

Cover 3
For the inside pages I started off using my new Photo Sleeve Fuse (the one thing I wanted to purchase before coming back here, looked lots of places for, and finally found at Michaels in Chico the day before we flew back), but I didn't like the way the pictures kept sliding out every time I turned a page. Sometimes in my albums pages slip up in their protectors and have to be pushed in, but this was ridiculous - one or more inserts popped up every time I flipped a page, on both sides... grr. So I revamped my page plan to print the pictures, cards, and ephemera like I was going to slip them into pockets, but actually glue them onto cardstock. This worked much better and odd sized items were easier to accommodate. I used the Photo Sleeve Fuse to make pockets in between the pages and that worked great. Most of those pockets I sealed off.

Page 1
Anyway, because I didn't have very many pictures, I used a lot of scanned images of memorabilia we had collected on our journey and fun quotes. There are pictures of all of the members of our family, so everyone is included. I like that. I also like all of the ephemera I was able to include. Where else can you get a USDA inspected sticker saying ALOHA, but in Hawaii. The KLM postcards are really neat and I was able to include them too. Some of the menus I put into Photo Fused sleeves so both the back and front can be viewed - we don't have those restaurants here and seeing the menus brings back yummy memories.

Page 7
We had a good trip. Most of our time in Hawaii we spent cleaning the yard, house, and garage; buying parts to fix things; and trips to the dump. Not really a vacation per se. It was good to see the house and get it cleaned up, but best of all it was great to see the kids. We had more vacation time driving and walking on the beach in California (the water was so cold compared to the water in Hawaii, yowch!). It was great to visit with my parents and our daughter. We also were able to visit with everyones boyfriend or girlfriend and with my daughters house parents/mentors/friends and their horses.
Page 14

Page 11
It turned out to be a good trip. Both boys said they would do the trip again, but my older one rejoined that he would do it again, because, since we had done so much fixing and cleaning, there wouldn't be so much to do next time and we could go to the beach more. That sounds like a good plan to me.

I hope you all had great summers and got to do something different.

Have a great day!


Oooops I forgot to post the materials list...

Summer 2015 Trip Book Materials:

Paper - Recollections, Michaels Stores
Page Protectors - Roco
Scanned Ephemera - tickets, inspection sticker/ticket, menus, tags, KLM postcard from the plane
world grunge map; globe-Never Stop Traveling; vintage poster-Life is like photography - freepik.com
Posters - Delta Airlines, San Francisco; United Airlines, Hawaii - freevintageposters.com
Antique Map, red and cream - knickoftime.net
Tickets; Journaling cards not listed, I made in photoshop, some original and some composite ideas from around the internet - mine: Theta
Monterey Bay Aquarium - the jellyfish image is from Dover

Fonts - Onyx, writing stuff, TXT Antique Poster, Print Clearly, SBC Distressed typewriter, Book Antiqua, American Typewriter, Miss, Bookman Old Style

In between pages 16 and 17
Cover: font - Marketing Script; Map - knickoftime.net; Washi Tape - Twin Seven; Paper - Recollections, Michaels Stores
Last page

KLM Postcard