Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Glass cup etching

Every now and then the glasses I get from IKEA get chipped or broken and have to be replenished. In our house people leave their cup somewhere and plan on using it again. If several are put in the same place such as the dining table or the counter, the cups get mixed up. To prevent this confusion (and cooties), whenever I get a group of glasses I etch them with my dremel. Initially I looked for etching cream, but they don't sell it here conviently (in other words, I have to make a special trip downtown into amazingly bad gridlocked traffic just to find out the art store is sold out.) The art guy said he had a glass and metal engraver, so I used that (berating myself for leaving my Dremel in Hawaii, not that it would have fit in my luggage...). Eventually I bought a Dremel here and can now happily while away hours etching everything I can get my hands on :) At any rate here is the new crop of glasses:

Have a beautiful day!


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