Thursday, July 2, 2015

11 1/2 by 16 in. Leaf Dragon in Oil with notes

I think it's finished... maybe... I'll hang it o the wall and live with it for a while, but I think it's abandonment time. Besides, he wants his portrait ;)

Some thoughts or things I may have learned:

1. I started out with my background too light on this painting.

2. I do better with layers like in photoshop than wet on wet.

3. Waiting for the paint to dry before putting on the next layer interrupts my creative process and I have to remember what the plan is/was which is problematic since I'm done with it and the project has faded from my memory.

4. If I start out with a general concept and let it grow layer by layer, I'm much better off. Otherwise, I have to make sketches, detailed plans, a mock-up, and then start on the project... I do this with the horses I have painted in watercolor, to some degree. And, that's work.

5. This is supposed to be fun and if I have to remind myself too many times that it is supposed to be, then I need to rethink the process.

6. Once reconciled to the waiting time in between layers, I am beginning to enjoy the process.

7. It is more productive to have several paintings in progress than to only work on one at a time. This creates havoc with remembering which one is for what... I may have to tack notes to them.

Have a wonderful day!