Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ATC - Butterflies 2

These are the other two I finished on Monday. The top one is the last one I finished and it is a bit lighter. The one below makes me think goth, which is not what I want in a butterfly; they should be happy creatures.

These are done with my Faber-Castell pens. I like the lines I get out of them. The .5 bleeds into my paper a bit. It is irritating, but if I were to get a better quality and type of paper it wouldn't happen. As it is, since I usually use the .5 to fill areas in, bleeding isn't too much of a problem. One funny thing is that my cat likes the smell of the ink and if he comes around while I'm using the .5 I have to be really careful or he smears the ink with his sniffing.

Have a lovely day!


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