Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ATC Butterflies #14

#203 I gave to the waitress at the breakfast we had at the Blue Lake Casino. It was a decent place to stay. I am not a particular fan of gambling, but they gave us each $5 worth of tokens and despite the fact that I don't usually win anything, I won $33.97. So, that was a nice bonus and was quite useful on the trip.

May these butterflies brighten your day!




  1. So colorful! what a bright way to start the day! Love them! Have you tried Derwent Inktense water sol. pencils? They are great! Treat yourself to some from your gambling winnings. :)

  2. Thanks Deb! I have several brands of of watercolor pencils, but not those. I'll look for them :)

  3. I like them because it is ink rather than watercolor... however, be aware that once the ink dries, you cannot lift it like you can watercolor.

  4. They might work quite well with the way I mess around. I tend to like things to blend until I don't want them to, and these sound like they will stay put when they dry.