Friday, January 1, 2016

Horse and flowers

Happy new year!

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, but due to his work schedule, we are celebrating it today. The last couple of weeks I have been working on his present. This is how it turned out:

I cut Saba out of three different photographs and worked around him to get the white space. Then I framed them in a triple frame from IKEA. Each piece of artwork is 5.75"x7.75" and drawn with Micron and Letraset pens on Strathmore Bristol vellum 100lb. paper.

On a sad note Fishy died last night and today Teema was sent to the yearly auction. We had a short burial for Pudge last evening. He had been sick for awhile and we expected him to die any day, but it is still sad. 
We (and Saba mostly) will miss Teema and hope she gets sold to a good owner or the price is too low and she can come back to the farm while we wait to see if someone on camp will buy her. She is sweet and good with kids.

On a good note, the cake I made from my rice flour mixture came out great. The cake is moist and the buttercream frosting complements it, yum. For the name and year, I cut a pattern from wax paper and pressed sprinkles through it into the frosting. 
Have a great New Year!


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