Saturday, October 1, 2016

Post Card to Color

Postcard 1 Front and Back
This postcard (4x6in.) is going into the next Happy Mail. I'm planning on printing both sides out and glueing them back-to-back. Then, I the recipient wants to they can color the flower doodle and send the card to someone.

You're welcome to print my postcard out and use it too. I printed the postcard from my post using Preview at 53%, standard printing, Grayscale, and A4 card stock.

Have a beautiful day!



  1. Theta, I've just seen your happy mail posts and this lovely postcard. It's wonderful that you're creating these lovely things and then sending them into the world, including the re-gifting. Wonderful!

  2. Thanks Jean! I enjoy putting the Happy Mail together and then seeing what people do with it. My kids keep asking when the next one is coming and I say "Soon, they take a while to put together."