Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shaker Pocket and Trim for Happy Mail

Shaker Bag
Bagged Tim

With all those little pieces of scrap paper that are trimmed off, I've been punching shapes before tossing the last bits. Because the butterfly is the smallest punch I have, I have a lot of tiny butterflies.

Into the shaker, I added in some seed beads and heart sequins along with the butterflies. The last thing to go in were the letters I posted yesterday (primed with Gesso) with the tags. I colored the tags with Sharpie and used a Micron to write the recipients name on the letter.

Fuse tool

Yesterday I mentioned that I often didn't wait long enough for the Fuse tool to heat, well, on the bottom of the upper right shaker you can see that I had to go over it several times in order to get the plastic to stick together. On the other shakers you can see the single line where the tool had heated long enough and the plastic stuck together on the first run.

Garland Trim

With some punched flowers I created these garlands for trim, they are about 10 inches long and super easy to make using double faced tape. Just roll a bit of tape out exposing the sticky side, stick on a large flower and about a quarter inch apart stick another large flower, then between the two stick a small flower. I added half pearls to all of the flowers and slipped them into these bags I made from the tops of the page protectors I had waiting for such a project.

The next project for this Happy Mail will to make some ATCs and tag thingys. Then it will be time to decorate the folders... make extra bits and do the envelopes... I need to start on Christmas Happy Mail, but am doing this first, putting it off... ruminating, that's the excuse ;)

Have a great day!


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