Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016 Fall Happy Mail Envelope (1 out of 4)

2016 Fall Envelope #1 Front
I sent out some fall/autumn Happy Mail and the next 4 posts will be of the envelopes. This should give the recipients time to get their mail, hopefully. Then I'll post the contents :) On the fronts of the envelopes I made busy doodles and on the back I pretty much went just with words and a few doodles. It takes a long tome to do the fronts and I actually wanted to mail these out before fall ended.

2016 Fall Envelope #1 Back
So, for this envelope I basically drew a design around the address starting out with swirls and moving outwards with different patterns. On the back I wrote and filled out "Happy Mail Yay". Then I added 'You go girl!', 'Wonderful You!', 'Love You!', and 'Not Bills'; some doodles; and a snail. Very fun!

Have a great day!


Note: I matched the wrong back with this envelope, so I switched the pictures.

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