Friday, September 2, 2016

ATC Quote #6

#580 Quote
Two more travel cards for today. I totally agree with Seneca, but possibly not always the way he meant... Traveling with children does make my mind more vigorous, but often with making sure I know where the kids are and if we have all our stuff, like tickets and passports :D

For me, the mountains call, but the sea's call is much stronger. I sort of pine without the sea near. by near, I mean that I need to be able to reach it within a morning's travel. The funny thing is, I don't actually have to go to the sea, it just needs to be there. The best place to be is by the sea with the mountains rising behind or on a mountain looking out to sea.

Do the mountains call you? or the plains, the forest, the sea or beach, the desert, the snow, the lake? or instead of a landform is it a place?

Have a wonderful day.

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