Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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One of my favorite things to do is ride trains. They can take you to all sorts of fascinating places and there are usually many interesting things to see on the way. I like trains with big windows and comfortable seats the best, but subways are interesting too. One of the most entertaining things to do when taking the subway in a place I don't know well is to get off at a stop one before or after the stop I want and walk back to the stop I wanted. I do this to learn the area and when the stops are close together. Sometimes I like to get off at an unfamiliar stop and just go see what's out there above ground. I've been to some neat parks and used bookstores this way.

I'm not sure that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, someone has to do the dishes and laundry and they are alive, but the most interesting things in my life have usually happened when I was out of my comfort zone. Take, for example, riding the subway. I'm always out of my comfort zone when I travel and taking the subway presents all sorts of ways to be uncomfortable, especially when English (my functioning language) is not one of the languages that the stops are presented in. I can't see out the window to get my bearings so it's nearly always a surprise when I exit the stop to see where I am, no matter how often I have left the train at that stop. In Paris one time we stumbled upon the Museum of Sewers ( Musée des égouts de Paris ). It is an excellent museum: informative and very interesting and fun for everyone in the family. We had small children and teens with us when we went through the museum and all of us would go through it again. Anyway interesting events occur when I am out of my comfort zone, but most of my life is lived in my comfort zone - laundry, dishes, dinner, and homework... I think it's important to live life wherever and whatever your circumstances are, in or out of your comfort zone. I don't think an adrenaline rush is needed to live life fully. If it was always sunny or rainy, I wouldn't appreciate the rain or the sun.The same goes for living out of your comfort zone; if you live outside of your comfort zone, it becomes your comfort zone.

Anyway, those are my verbose thoughts for the day :)

Have a great day in or out of your comfort zone!


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