Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Doodles - cut and paste organization

No ATCs today.

For last several days I have been doing some cleaning up of my desk - what!?!? a clean desk, yikes! Well it was getting to the point that when Kitty wanted to lay on my desk he basically had to curl up on my hands, normally one of his favorite spots, but inconvenient. I had to get my stuff down to one pile, my computer, my drink, and the paint water (actually the cat has decided the water is put there for his personal use, so every time I need to use it for painting we have a disagreement).

I spent some time finishing up a couple of projects, working on my key words for scrapbooking, and getting that pile sorted and filed. I save my doodles from when I am waiting for things to load on the computer (our internet is terribly slow), am on the phone, and other waiting times. Then I cut them out - I don't often want to remember the text or words that I was doodling around - and paste them on a sheet of paper. This piece of paper then gets put into a sheet protector in my ideas binder. Below is a sampling.

My Doodles

My Doodles

My Doodles

My Doodles
I mix old and new, pasting on doodles where they will fit. Apparently in the above doodle I needed cream...

Anyway, I have found this system works great for me... just as long as I don't wait too long to cut and paste my doodles, then I find them flying everywhere and/or under the cat.

Key Word Notes
In an old art idea journal I left in the states, I had started a list of key words for scrapbooking and cards and things. This week I started a new list. Today I made a couple of psd files of 12x12 templates with 2.5x3.5 'pockets'. That way I can easily drag and drop ATC's into a layout with having to resize to 3x4. I made frames of other sizes too, otherwise the layouts would be boring. My next 'job' is to take one of my old kits and re-make some things to fit with my new scheme. I found that printing to fit A4 size paper made my layouts 8x8, down from 12x12, which is perfect for my needs - and economical, just have to figure out a good use for the portion of page protector I cut off. They are just over 3 inches wide.

Have a wonderful day!


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