Monday, December 14, 2015

A visit to the farm

I haven't shown pictures of the farm and its goings on for a long time (and I have a working camera that I need to experiment with), so I thought today we would visit the farm...
Saba wondering if the carrots really are all pau, or if I found more in my magic carrot producing pocket.
Teema in her new halter
Peaches: she and Honey-Pie are the only two females left and their kittens are all male...
Saudi Sheep: the owner bought some western sheep and people wouldn't buy them, they didn't look right, so he ended up having to butcher them himself. Now he only has this type.
Sunrise over the desert
Oleanders grow quite well here
Worry-Wort: one of Honey-Pie's kittens, about twice her size now. He always looks worried and this is about as close as I can get to him.
Plumerias also grow well, but smell much better than oleanders
These flowers turn into bean things used as vegetables
We call these apples because their texture is similar, but they are the size of an extra large olive with a similar pit.
Yep, there are cows and a bull on the farm...
Well I hope you enjoyed the visit to the farm. I liked it because there were no flies :D

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Super to see the animals, surprised to see so many trees. Good Camera!

  2. Amazingly, they have a fresh water spring with fish. They grow mostly dates and limons (small round lemons usually picked green) to sell. There are also those apple things (two different kinds), a few mulberry trees, a mango tree, some banana trees, giant lemon things that the locals eat the pulp of and not the fruit of, some papaya trees, and some ancient fig and pomegranate bush/trees.