Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pictures from around the house

Another day (actually assorted days, but the second posted) in pictures...
Fishy aka Pudge: we have had him now for three years. In August he started turning upside and floating at the top of the tank and all of the white spots he had disappeared. It is now December and he is still very much alive. We are surprised as he still floats upside down almost daily and expect expiration at any moment.  
The apples were stacked instead of eaten...
We can get very thick fog on occasion and this makes the school busses quite late.
The lilies along our front walk bloomed beautifully and all about the same time. It has taken three years and I have finally convinced the gardener not to pull the lilies up. He has tried every few months. This summer he pointed to them and said, "Good." and I said, "Yes." Finally! He is a slow learner, probably largely because I can't speak his language, nor he english. (Other people would disagree that his capabilities had anything to do with language)
Carmel aka: Kitty Kitty, Thunder Paws, Click-Click, and assorted other names. In this photo he has seen the dog that is walked on a cross street every day at the same time we go outside to wait for the bus. He has taken to sitting in the window instead of playing in the grass, because there are a few rambunctious 5th graders he doesn't like.
It does rain here and when it rains, it usually pours. We are on a bit of a hill so the water just rolls away... The street behind the stop sign is where the dog gets walked.
More rain puddling at the bottom of the steps and flowing away into the sand.

Have a fun filled day swishing through puddles or enjoying whatever weather you have!


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