Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Boxes for things

I also made two boxes out of foam-core board and covered them in patterned paper.
First I measured (twice ;)  ) and cut out the top and bottom. The purple box was small enough that it took only one piece of foam-core for the top and one for the bottom, so I cut a trough to account for the thickness of the board. I glued it all together with UHU glue and used straight pins to hold it together while it was drying.
After the two pieces were dry, I covered them in patterned paper and added hinges and a clasp.
Here is the purple box finished.
Gems: Say It in Crystals
Paper: unknown
White Pen: Gelly Roll White
Hardware: Zamix
And now for the red box. I added a pocket to the lid, boxes for the little cards, and a divider for the big cards.
Materials are the same for this box and the purple one, excepting:
Purple Paper: Fabriano Cartacrea
Ribbon: Sunflower, China
The purple box was my first try to see how making a box out of foam-core would work out. I wanted a box to keep my cards in, but couldn't find anything suitable. Since my first box worked out well, I decided to make one for my cards. It's perfect, except I think I am going to have to make another one since this box is full.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. beautiful! Can you find larger foam core board?? The boxes are gorgeous, and such perfect craftmanship!

  2. I could use a larger piece of foam core and make a bigger box, but you know what happens when someone, uh-hmm, makes boxes bigger. I don't think stability would be as much of an issue as weight. The cards are heavier than they look (especially when I pack them in ;) ) I think I am better off to make another box and label them both with the contents, or better yet, send out the cards I have and make new ones :D