Thursday, August 18, 2016

ATC Flower #48

#550 Flower Large
The next few posts are going to be flowers, and then there will be several posts of cards I made for the restaurant staff at the hotel Laudenella, Switzerland. Most of the cards, from this post through the restaurant card posts, I gave away to hotel and restaurant staff and to airline stewards and stewardesses. I enjoy giving my cards out to people who have been really helpful, to random people, and to people I like.

#551 Flower Large
It never ceases to surprise me how happy people are to receive a card, especially when they have been watching me doodle one. Sometimes it takes them a few minutes to understand that I don't want anything in return. It seems that it is more unusual to be given something without any expectations of return than I realize. I get joy from giving the cards out and that is good.

Have a beauitful day!


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