Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ATC Laudinella Gifted #2

#561 Omelette 
#563 Siam Wind
Card #561 Omelette is the ATC I made for the man who makes... guess what?!?... omelettes every morning in the Stuva restaurant buffet at the Hotel Laudinella. He seems to really enjoy making omelettes. If you ask him to make an omelette, his whole countenance becomes happy, but if you decline, he seems to deflate. Since he makes excellent omelettes, we ate lots of them.

Siam Wind, #563, is their Thai restaurant. It is one of our favorite restaurants. The boys, picky eaters, have always been able to find something they like and eat their whole order. Whenever we decide to stay at the Laudinella,  everyone gets excited about their Thai food.

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