Thursday, August 25, 2016

ATC Laudinella Gifted #3

#564 Le Carnotzet
Le Carnozet and Pizzeria Caruso occupy the same restaurant space and serve delicious cheese fondue and pizza respectively. They are our second favorite places to eat at the Laudinella.  This year I brought rice crackers to eat the fondue. Bread bothers my system and thus I decided to try rice crackers as a substitute. They actually worked quite well. I broke the round cakes into 5-6 pieces, carefully stuck them on the fondue fork and went on from there. Yes, they do taste different and have a different texture, but fondue is very good on rice cakes.

#565 Pizzeria Caruso
On another note, for the last two years I had not been eating any cheese as it was causing me to have migraines. Knowing I was going to want to eat (and at least try) different cheeses and have fondue on vacation, I tried eating small amounts of cheese a few weeks before we left. I found I could eat some cheese, but I had to be careful. For me, that is a definite 'YAY!' especially after being off of it for so long. So far that is the only reaction to food that has dissipated over time. Now I can eat cheese and crackers, have cheese on a salad, and other good things.

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