Friday, August 26, 2016

ATC Laudinella Gifted #4

#566 Stuva Buffet
These are the last two cards of the series for the  Laudinella personnel.

#567 Stuva Breakfast
They serve an excellent breakfast buffet every morning [with a special omelette chef ;) ] in their Stuva restaurant. The sausages, toast, and hash browns were my families favorites, besides the omelettes. Probably because we don't have a toaster and potato products are not allowed in the house very often - I like being able to move. Sausages in Saudi do not taste anything like European or American sausages and we are not partial to them, therefore it was a pleasure to eat sausages... It really was a good thing we hiked 8+ miles every day.

The Stuva evening buffet is quite varied and has something for everyone. I think the boys favorite part of the buffet was the desert part: ice cream, mousse, torte, and lots of other goodies.

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